The Pitmaker BBQ Carbon-Q is a "sealed heat" charcoal grill with precision control over air intake and a very efficient burn time. It is a charcoal grill/oven made to cook with a more omni-directional and convection charcoal heat. The Carbon Q comes in either an insulated or non-insulated version with the primary operating difference between the two versions being fuel burn time and cost. The non-insulated version can give you 350 degrees for 1.5 hrs with a single load of 5 lbs of charcoal, and the insulated version giving you roughly double the burn time at the same temperature with similar fuel. Though originally designed as a competition chicken cooker, it is an extremely versatile grill which can be used as a charcoal broiler, or even a pizza oven. It can be mounted onto trailers like most of our pits, and the insulated version is great for outdoor kitchens.

Stock #: PM-CQ-30

Price: $1,795

Carbon-Q Insulated
Stock #: PM-CQ-30-I

Price: $3,295



(1) 26” x 22” Slide-out cooking grate
(1) 26” x 16” Slide-out cooking grate
713 sq. Inches of cooking space

Standard Features

- 1/8” Plate steel body and lid construction
- Stainless steel hinges
- Stainless steel cool-to-touch lid handle
- Sliding air damper
- Slide-out removable ash pan and fire grate
- Stainless steel smoke stack


- Solid Stainless Steel add $1600



Carbon-Q Insulated