The Pitmaker BBQ Edge Smoker is a fully insulated offset firebox smoker. The Edge provides all of the heavy smoke characteristics of your favorite side-firebox smoker with the efficiency & temperature retention of a fully insulated cabinet smoker in one awesome pit design by Pitmaker. We went one step further & added a top reverse flow feature for the smoke traveling to get a more even distribution of heat and smoke, as well as the best natural draw for a smoker you will ever find. This new Pitmaker Edge is fully brand-able & paint-able just like our BBQ Vault. Check out our standard color chart below. Feel free to ask about pricing custom colors that are not on the chart.

BBQ Edge Smoker
Stock #: PM-BBQ-Edge

Price: $5.195



-Outside Main Body Standard Dimensions:
62" T (66" w/smoke stack)
28" D (37” with Front Stainless Shelf)
56" L (63" with Stainless Handle)
-Weight: Approximately 1050 lbs.

(5) Five - 25" Wide x 22" Deep, Slide-Out Cooking Grates with 5" of vertical clearance above each.
The Edge Smoker has a massive 2750 sq. inches of cooking grate space!

Standard Features

-Color Paint Choice - with Zinc Epoxy Primer (INCLUDED!): Choose Any Standard Color from our Pitmaker Color Chart in link below:
-2" Ball Valve Drain for Air Intake Damper for Precision Oxygen Control
-Solid Stainless 1" x 1" Tubular Handles - Multifunctional Use for hanging towels, tools, etc.
-14 Ga. Solid Stainless Steel Insulated Cooking Chamber Doors and Firebox Doors (inside and out).
-11 Ga. "P & O" Carbon Steel Body and Firebox, Welded Seamless (inside and out).
-Stainless Steel Latch Clamps on Both Cooking Chamber and Firebox Doors.
-Heavy Duty Slide-Out Firegrate.
-Slide-Out Cooking Grates
-Stainless Steel Smoke Stack, Smoke Stack Damper/Cap, and Hinges/Hinge Sleeves--for EXTREME Corrosion resistance!
-Heavy Duty 3-1/2" x 2" and 10" x 2" Solid Rubber Casters w/ grease bearings for easy moving across solid flooring or concrete.
-1-1/4" Heavy Duty Ball Valve Drain for easy clean out of Water Reservoir/Drip Pan.


- Ash Pan: $95.00 (Carbon), $180.00 (Stainless)
- 20" x 22" Removable, Stainless Steel Food Prep Table: $135.00
- Extra Cooking Grates: $75.00 ($140.00 Installed w/ Extra Channel)
- NEW! Upgrade to all Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grates (for Commercial Application): $800.00
- All Stainless Option--MAKE YOUR ENTIRE PITMAKER EDGE OUT OF SOLID STAINLESS STEEL (Includes Cooking Grates & Firegrate): $8200.00