Roof & Awnings


Having a custom BBQ Trailer with a roof and fold-out awnings is a great way to get out of the sun and weather. Plus with the Pitmaker design, you get built-in electric lights for working at night, as well as a large surface area perfect for displaying your company or cooking team logos.

The Base Price of $18,495.00 is for BBQ Trailer mounted with single PM-BBQ-Vault (or PM-48-SNIPER) Smoker, Two Stainless Steel Preparation Tables w/ Lockable Dry Storage Box underneath - Up to 58" L x 30" W in size each, depending on equipment and trailer layout. *This price now includes 10-Ply Wheels for the trailers with roofs. The Trailer examples shown in the galleries of photos above right and below are shown configured with multiple options and additions.

We construct all of our trailers out of heavy duty 2" x 3" tubular trailer frame which are extremely strong and reinforced to mount our outdoor cooking products. We will work with you to configure the layout of your new custom BBQ trailer to suit your particular cooking needs, style, and budget. We can then custom finish the trailer in the auto enamel color you choose. Graphics and custom paint are available, priced by size and complexity.

See below for more details:

CPT Double Axle BBQ Trailer w/ Roof & Awnings
Stock #: CPT-2-AXLE-W-RF

Starting Price: $18.495


Standard CPT-1 Model BBQ Trailer Specifications:

Dimensions: Length - 19'-1" Long Overall
Dimensions: Width - 80" Fender to Fender (60” Wide Frame between wheel wells.)
2 - 3500lbs Axles with 15” Wheels Standard.

Standard CPT-1 Model BBQ Trailer Features:

- Custom Reinforced Trailer made with 3” x 2” x 3/16” Thick Steel Tubing, heavily reinforced with secondary rail and corner braces.
- "Bull Dog" Style Hitch.
- Steel Framed Roof with fold out awnings, reinforced with stainless steel hinge-braces.
- Electric Brakes Standard
- Electric Overhead Lights
- Two Stainless Steel Food Preparation Tables: 1 - Sized up to 58” L x 30” W, with Lockable Dry Storage Box underneath.
- LED Taillights w/ fully enclosed wiring and reinforced solid steel tube taillight bracket for serious corrosion resistance.
- Custom Color Paint Choice INCLUDED! Choose any standard single color from our color chart (Includes Zinc Epoxy Primer) - For Two-Tone (Frame/Roof one Color w/ Boxes and Equipment Different Color) - add $500

Choose colors from our chart below (Please inquire about custom colors):


- 16" Upgraded Wheels Included (Different Styles Available at time of purchase, ask your sales rep for details.)

Pricing for Standard CPT-1 Model BBQ Trailer Options:

- Add Extra 24" To OVERALL Trailer Length - $1400 (Because sometimes you just need a little more room!)
- Extra 58” L x 30” W, with Lockable Dry Storage Box underneath – dims: 58” L x 20” D x 20” T - $895
- Extra CUSTOM Stainless Steel Table w/ Lockable Storage Box Underneath - Up to 58” L x 30” W - $895
- Trapezoidal Nose Table/Box - $1395
- 100,00 BTU Multi-Jet Burner for slow cooking or deep frying with easy to clean, corrosion resistant Solid Stainless Steel Housing and Grate - 18” L x 18” W.- 18” L x 18” W. (Includes Stainless Steel Bottle Holder, Stainless Steel Hose, Plumbing, and Regulator Assembly) - $895.00
- 30” Grill-Meister Adjustable Charcoal Grill - $2395 ($4600 for Solid Stainless Version)
- 48” Grill-Meister Adjustable Charcoal Grill - $2895 ($5200 for Solid Stainless Version)
- MVP 24" x 20" Tailgater Charcoal Grill - $895
- Electrical Outlets on Frame with 3 All-weather outlets - $450
- Marine Outdoor CD/Player Stereo w/ Speakers (Includes Installation and 12V Power Supply) -
- BBQ Safe - $3100 (Includes Mounting)
- BBQ Vault - $3995 (Includes Mounting)
- Short Sniper Smoker - $3495 (See Individual Pit Description for Options)
- "Long-Rifle" 58" Sniper Smoker - $3995 (See Individual Pit Description for Options)
- Magnum Sniper Smoker (Larger w/insulated firebox) - $4995
- Media Wall - Media Wall - Includes Two TV Mounts, and Digital HD Antenna with Install and Wiring - But Does NOT Include TVs, Antenna or Satellite Dish/Receiver) - $3600

*Ask About other custom Pitmaker BBQ Trailer options shown in many of the photos in this gallery!

**Custom BBQ Team/Company Vinyl Logos and Signage Available and Priced by size and complexity.

***Give us a call or email and we will be happy to help you configure your Pitmaker BBQ Trailer and send you an itemized estimate listing options you choose!

****Please allow 6 to 10 weeks fabrication time (or more, depending on custom options), for any newly ordered Pitmaker BBQ Trailer.